Thursday, December 10, 2009

So it's a little late.....But we are married! I never post anything on here because I firmly believe nobody reads it. Anyway, on October 9th I married the most amazing man in the world! I love him so much and my love for him grows stronger everyday! We are living in a cute little apartment in University Village ( Foothill and Sunnyside). We love it! It is small but thats all we need. I am working crazy hours while Casey finishes up his masters and he also works. In October I received my endowments and I just LOVE the Temple. I really enjoy listening and learning. I also enjoy what it has brought to our marriage. We set a goal to go once a month and we have kept it( 2 months) but we have plans for December!

If you are interested in know how I ended up a Broadhead read on......So Casey and I were in the same singles ward. We even remember the day I first came to the ward. Kari Thompson and I went to the new member meeting after sacrement meeting. Casey was the Elders Quarum President and so he was in the meeting. I remember smiling at him and checking him out. I totally thought he was checking me out but it turns out he just likes to smile. There was no formal introduction or anything, we went on our merry little ways for about 4 months. Each week my shy self would never talk to him but I always thought he was cute. I have come to find out he was just feeling it out. Asking people if they knew anything about me. In April our ward had a country line dancing FHE activity. I drug Kari with me with the intent to dance with Casey. The music started and before I knew it there was a line of girls waiting for Casey. I gave up and danced with a friend. Meanwhile I noticed Casey checking me out while I was dancing ( some people say I have some moves...). So at the end of the night I smiled at Casey while I was walking out. I guess that left an impact. After the activity Casey got on the ward files and got mine and Kari's numbers. He text us both at the same time which was comical because we were sitting next to each other on our couch. He said " Sorry I missed you guys, I really wanted to get to know you". Casey and I continued to text back and forth kinda flirty that night. Wednesday night came around and there was a knock on my door. I opened the door to find Casey and 2 friends standing there with cookies. They informed me they were " the welcoming committee" my quick wit shot them down saying they were 4 months late. I invited them in and we chatted for about an hour. As they were leaving I informed them I was up for hanging out anytime. The night got busy and I spent that night at Kaitlyn's. The next day I text Casey saying thanks for the cookies. He invited me to go golfing that Saturday. We went out and we haven't looked back since! We spent everday from that Saturday on together! We had a short courtship, it wasnt long before we knew we wanted to spend eternity together! We got engaged on July 9th, and married 3 months later in the Draper temple. It was an amazing day! The spirit was so strong in our sealing! I am so grateful for my wonderful husband and the joy he brings to my life!


  1. Congrats! I read your blog:) I was hoping you would post some wedding pictures. I'm so happy for you.

  2. I read your blog too!! I'm so happy for you and Casey! Congratulations on everything!

  3. I am so glad you posted, you need to do it more often, and we need to have a get together! You sound happy and I am glad you are! Thanks for letting me share that amazing day with you guys! Congrats on Eternity!!!

  4. Alyson. Why are you convinced nobody reads your blog? I read it. I like it. I want more.

    So post more!